Turn-Key Construction

West Coast Agricultural Construction has years of experience tailoring our products and services to your needs, and it starts by listening to you.

We design to your crop and processing specifications, and assemble everything from the pit to the pallet. We specialize in offering state of the art equipment that empowers you to enhance the quality of your product in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.


It always starts with your vision.

At West Coast Agricultural Construction we work side-by-side with you, joining our ingenuity, training, and years of AG processing design experience to yours. Our designs pair the best facilities and equipment possible to meet or exceed your goals & guidelines. The result is the AG processing plant you want—clean, beautiful, efficient, producing a high quality product at a faster rate.


In addition to our quality equipment and plant systems, we also erect steel buildings to meet all of your needs.

Our buildings are high quality—durable, certified, and beautiful.


The skill of our fabricators goes far beyond their extensive certifications and training.

It’s their creativity and commitment that really makes them deliver. We couldn’t realize our highly-flexible, comprehensive designs without our in-house fabrication team. Their high-quality work will earn your trust and admiration.


We install all of the equipment we provide for our projects, and we can also retrofit new equipment into your existing facility.

Service and Maintenance

We take responsibility for all of our equipment, installations, and buildings.

If anything needs servicing, we’re just a phone call away. We have your back.

General Contracting

Our contractors finish the project on time at the best price. Period.

It’s the key to our success and the heart of our long relationships with our customers. All of our other services come together to support our experienced, reputable contractors bringing your dream project to reality, down to the last detail, on schedule and on budget.